Why You Need Pest Control Services?

Rats and rodents damage crops and products that are stored. Pest control is needed to prevent such losses. Pest control is like taking specialized treatment for a particular ailment and getting better. It is used to prevent disease issues and recover from them. It is using chemicals (usually) to kill pests or manage them. There are many pest control in St. Catharines which provide other services such as Bed Bug Extermination.

IPM-Integrated Pest Management helps recover losses by identifying pests and gathers information regarding the infestation. It is a safe, environment-friendly method.IPM is a way to manage crops for recovery of problems during its use in agriculture. It can be classified into Preventing, Intervening and Observing

Usually, pesticides are used to get rid of pests and in some cases, non-toxic ways are used such as reducing moisture, sealing and trapping which are better than using pesticides.


Pesticide application

Chemical pesticides are used in controlling, repelling, attracting or for destroying the pest population. Its plus points are they are available easily and application is also simple. However, these chemical controls need re-application every now and then, each season usually and sometimes multiple times in a season making it expensive thus requiring a lot of effort and time. This makes it environmentally and monetarily expensive and less sustainable than using organic methods of pest control.

Non-toxic pest control

Organic ways are more holistic but effective, and using them farms suffer from lesser crop failures than conventional farms. They are also more sustainable as they are capable of maintaining stable populations in the long run without further investments. However, it is not viable because though it requires less investment initially, it leads to the build-up of pests in the future. Moreover, there isn’t immediate satisfaction using this method because the bugs don’t die immediately.

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