Hire Bed Bugs Exterminator Experts in St. Catharines

Bed bugs are much more than a nuisance; they can cause a nightmare ruining your property and your health. PesTech has been serving St. Catharines in the safe and environmentally focused way to removing pests and wildlife. We take care of eradicating all kind of pests from bed bugs to rodent from your homes or business. PesTech believes that customer satisfaction is of paramount importance, and a pest control issue can disturb the lives of each and everyone in the family that needs to be immediately fixed. With this philosophy in mind, a good deal of our business is transmitted via word of mouth. We are waiting for an opportunity to earn your trust and prove ourselves the most reliable Bed bugs Exterminator St. Catharines.

During our Pest control journey, we have acquired the experience, technical skills, education and commitment required in dealing with pests and wildlife. Our dedicated staff is here to clear all your doubts about pests – and educate you about the important pest facts you were not aware of. We remove bed bugs efficiently in our first attempt – so that you can have a sound sleep. We schedule an appointment time as per your convenience.

Our team will explain to you the tips on how to identify the infestation, so you are able to identify it early on. New chemical applications are effective, safe and affordable. Bed bugs exterminator St. Catharines no longer offers or suggests heat treatment for bed bug elimination.

Our Pest control steps involve

Step1: Bedding

Our qualified pest professional treats your bedding materials like mattress, box spring, and bed frame as well as other bed bug’s primary harborage areas which is out of your reach.

Step 2: Cracks and crevices
Next, the professional checks all major cracks and crevices and treat them as well.

Step 3: wall voids
The pest professional injects the chemical into each wall void to eliminate the hiding bed bug.

Step 4: Aerosol treatment
Finally, our team treats delicate items like show piece and books in a plastic bag and applying a one-second blast.

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